Service Plans

The purchase of your motor vehicle is one of the more costly investments that you can make today. Given the recent increases in parts, labor, and towing costs, a breakdown could conceivably go into the several hundred dollar range. This is why we cannot stress enough that MAINTAINING YOUR VEHICLE SHOULD BE A MAJOR CONCERN!

We, here at JV Auto Service, would like to help you maintain your automobile or light truck! We are offering several plans to help you maintain your vehicle properly.


Oil Change Incentive



You pay for 3 oil changes at a discounted rate up front and receive ONE FREE for a total of 4 oil changes and lubrications. Done every 3500 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first.


Oil Change Incentive w/ Inspection


Same as plan 1 plus you receive a state inspection and emission test (Inspection and test fees only- Pass or Fail- Repairs not included).


Limited Maintenance w/Inspection


Same as plan 2 plus you receive one flush and fill for the cooling system. (Repairs not included).

*Prices are plus tax and subject to change!

All Lube, Oil & Filters Include:

- one oil filter
- up to 5 quarts synthetic oil slightly higher(5w30, 10w30, 10w40, 15w40)
- lube chassis (fittings are extra)
- check tire pressure
- check all fluids (p/s, trans, w/washer, brake and axle)
- safety check